Monday, January 3, 2011

Wedding Package PAYMENT PLANS!!!

We now have Payment Plans!

What does this mean to you? Instead of your average wedding vendor requesting 50% up front and the other 50% before the wedding, we have devised a plan to eliminate this money stressor.

Here is how it works: The day you decide to use Sarah D Butcher - Photography as your wedding photographer and we put you on the calendar, you will need to put down 15% of your package price. From this point on, we will take the remaining balance and divide it by the number of months until your wedding. Then each month, you can make a payment on the remaining portion of the balance.

For example, you elect to get the biggest package $2400 and your wedding is 10 months away. The date you sign your contract you would owe $360 (15%). We would then take the remaining $2040 and divide it by 10 months and you would then pay a monthly payment of $204! This is a much easier amount to swallow then $1200 on one day and $1200 30 days before your wedding. You can always opt to pay the traditional way as well.

BOOK SOON!!! My weekend are filling up FAST!!!

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