Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bellies, Babies and a lot of STRONG coffee!

So I have been in constant creation mode lately with the idea of bellies, babies and studio rentals! I am in the process of getting all the nitty-gritty details of daily studio rental in the Northern VA/DC area. Once that is set, I am planning on holding a Mini-Photo Session day! (Details coming soon!)

With this idea...came another... with our upcoming move across the states in the next few months I'm thinking of setting up a few Mini-Photo Sessions as we work our way to stop in Minneapolis, stop in Rapid City, SD. I looked into a few photo studio in both cities and also looking at some local parks….(this would make for nice lighting and more exciting images). Once I have more solid dates, the process will begin!

Here is the random gist of the idea:
Around $40 a session
20-30 minutes each session
Private, online gallery for 2 weeks to share with your friends and family

Oh yeah....these mini session are not only for Bellies and Babies....they can be Pets, Families, Friends, Kids, Seniors. You name it! Let's get CREATIVE!

The ideas just keep coming!
Sarah B

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  1. Fun! Where are you thinking of shooting in Minneapolis?